Our association was officially born on February 10th 2015.
In fact it was already operating from 2012, as a pure collaboration as a friendship between 4 companies in the town of Montespertoli, who gave life to an event called “Tasting Together”.
Initially the name of the association was’ Producers of the Chianti Hills’, but in 2016, thanks to the interest shown by Tuscan companies to want to join, the need arose to change the name to ‘Association Producers of the Tuscan Hills’.

What are our goals:

– to direct agricultural activities towards sustainable land use.

– promote / enhance incentives for local products.

– safeguard biodiversity.

– to stimulate a territory that is proud of its traditions.

– reduce the environmental impact of our activities, even at the expense of productivity.

– network to help each other.

Today the Association counts excellent producers that embrace the most varied activities: from truffles, saffron, honey, fresh milk, cheeses: pecorino, goat and cow, fine veal meats, sausages and pork, wine and oil , homemade pasta, cereals, spelled, ancient grains, bread, fruit, vegetables, jams, sauces, preserves and jams, craft beer, meat animals: sheep, pigs, poultry, snails and much more ..

On January 28th 2017 our internationally registered trademark was proudly presented. A brand that represents and identifies realities as a common thread that unites the various companies that are part of it in the name of quality and excellence; on the other side there is also a guarantee for the consumer who decides to buy products that are born and close their production cycle in the territory.

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